Directory of Members for the Holistic Community.  Each committed to their field of expertise and making our community, our world, a better place. 

Janine Natoli - Private Yoga Instructor


Phone: 215-620-7957


Cheryl Chaffee 

Garden of Heart Yoga


Phone: 941-341-9781

Website: Garden of the Heart Yoga Center

Progressive, Alignment-Based Hatha

Yoga in Sarasota, Florida

Kim Burns

Detox Yoga Lifestyle


Phone: 215-499-0444


Detox Yoga, a.k.a. Yoga for Circulation is a one-of-a-kind class designed to explore the wellness benefits of developing yoga poses with a lymphatic influence. Most yoga injuries develop gradually over years of consistent over-stretching and misalignment.

In this class, the participant will learn how spinal alignment and joint protection can influence blood and lymph circulation to keep your body strong and your joints stable to prevent or manage disease activity.


You won't find another yoga class like this!

Patricia Ann Starr, RA LMT - President

Patricia is the Director of the Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL featuring a spectrum of holistic health services.  


Phone: 941-677-3418