Pets/Animal Services

Directory of Members for the Holistic Community.  Each committed to their field of expertise and making our community, our world, a better place. 

Wendy Cooper

Animal Communications by Wendy


Phone: 941-349-0009


Animals are amazing healers & teachers! Animal Communication (AC) is a connection with animals through other than the 5 senses and is powerful, relieving, and offers guidance for humans. Animals like to give data before, during, and after their transition (death), and when there are household changes. They love to share their missions (why they are with you now) and their ascensions (their purpose on their spiritual path) so their humans can assist them to serve and grow. 

Christine Abbey

Althaea Animal Therapies


Phone: 863-244-1925


Althaea Animal Therapies provides natural healing modalities for pets and their people using herbalism, Reiki, animal massage and flower essences. Christine Althaea Abbey is a Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Canine Massage Therapist, Intuitive Animal Communicator and Spiritual Teacher.

Patricia Ann Starr, RA LMT - President

Patricia is the Director of the Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL featuring a spectrum of holistic health services.  


Phone: 941-677-3418