Functional Medicine

Directory of Members for the Holistic Community.  Each committed to their field of expertise and making our community, our world, a better place. 

Dr. Albert Peters, D.O

Center for Anti-Aging Medicine and Hormone Wellness


Phone: 484-788-2391


We promote health and wellness by enabling the body to function at its peak through nutrition, nutritional supplements, exercise and bio-identical hormone balancing. Care is always given with an integrated and holistic approach. Each patient is considered unique with respect to their concerns and treatment options. Dr. Peters will review and discuss your situation at each visit and you will always be welcomed to ask questions and express your concerns.

Dr. Fred Harvey

The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine


Phone: 941-929-9355


If you believe that “prevention is the best cure,” you’ve come to the right place. Fred Harvey, MD, has served the Sarasota community since 1996. A skilled physician with 30 years of medical experience, including 20 years in Functional Medicine and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Harvey is triple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Holistic Medicine. His center has a strong focus on preventive care and wellness; The Harvey Center offers unique treatments for unique health challenges in people of all ages. 

Sheri Suiter, PA

Rejuvenate 528


Phone: 941-281-8445


Rejuvenate 528 is a professional Regenerative Aesthetics medical clinic in Sarasota, Florida offering anti-aging, aesthetic and rejuvenation services to express a renewed inner vibrance and outer beauty. Combining the best in Integrative, Functional, Vibrational and Aesthetic Medicine modalities to assist you in becoming the best version of You!

Gregg Sledziewski

Executive Director, The Brain Wave Center


Phone: 941-552-4511


Innovations in brain health for a better you! Without drugs and using nationally recognized brain mapping techniques, we quickly establish brain function and initiate customized neurofeedback training programs. We also provide Psychotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Nutrition Counseling, And More…

Todd Erb

Nes Health Practitioner


Phone: 570-903-6128


Kristin Burton

Central Florida Medical Thermography


Phone: 863-712-5037



So many people are focused on disease diagnosis. However, the shift to Health Discovery is a progressive approach for people who value the process of monitoring their health and making lifestyle changes with the guidance of their healthcare practitioners to achieve big results for their health and longevity. One of the best vehicles to help you achieve your goal of optimum health is Medical Thermography.  Finding inflammation and monitoring your path of treatment is our goal. Thermography helps you discover the areas in your body that are struggling, perhaps long before you feel it or a test designed to diagnose a disease can detect it. This is what Health Discovery is all about. When you can see the body working on inflammation, you and your trusted health practitioner can partner with your body's healing systems  to make a change designed to find the root cause and bring you back to optimum health. Through out your treatments, Thermography can monitor your progress and help you make changes along the way so that you can reach your wellness goals faster, get on with your happy life and live it to the fullest!!

Marie-Elsie Lousteau

NesHealth Practitioner


Phone: 941-685-0616


Patricia Ann Starr, RA LMT - President

Patricia is the Director of the Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL featuring a spectrum of holistic health services.  


Phone: 941-677-3418