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George Rozelle

MindSpa Integrative Wellness Center


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I created MindSpa in 2004 inspired by my years of experience with a brain-based approach to treatment. I learned there are many windows through which we can view the human condition and the importance of treating the brain, heart, and gut to produce mind, body, and spirit wellness. MINDSPA is a place where people can receive expert clinical service and enjoy spa-like options to maintain wellness. I knew that to make this happen I would need to attract talented and competent practitioners who share these beliefs and who could work together as an integrative whole and provide a safe healing environment.  I invite you to let us be a part of your healing journey.

Patricia Ann Starr, RA LMT - President

Patricia is the Director of the Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL featuring a spectrum of holistic health services.  


Phone: 941-677-3418